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Kuiper B.V.
The International Mover
Van Houten Industriepark 12
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Kuiper, The International Mover.

Kuiper, The International Mover, has been handling relocations throughout the World for over 90 years, around the corner or long distance, by road, by water and by air. The company has developed since 1921 into a modern, worldwide removals organisation. In the sixties, Kuiper, The International Mover, was the First Dutch removals company to focus on the international market for private individuals. Thanks to our quality and expertise in international removals, Kuiper, The International Mover, is now also a trusted name for business relocations. Kuiper, The International Mover,  believes that the customer needs full support, not only in the Netherlands but also on the spot. An extensive an reliable network of professional agents has been built up in Europe.
Kuiper, The International Mover, has her Head office in the Amsterdam area and has own branches in the South of France, Spain and Portugal.  Kuiper, The International Mover, will be Your reliable partner to arrange your move by truck throughout Europe. In particular the removals by truck from The Netherlands to and from the popular destinations Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland are activities from Kuiper, The International Mover.

Kuiper, The International Mover, is also specialized in international moves for expatriates nationwide as well as private moves. Because Kuiper, The International Mover, is a respected member of the global network of International Association of Movers (IAM) we will remain the ultimate responsible party in the move process by ship or by plane.

Kuiper, The International Mover does all the work for you, our device
“Just pack your suitcase – we will do the rest”


Kuiper, The International Mover, has a modern secured storage facility in the Amsterdam area which is climate-controlled for secured temporary storage of your possessions for a short or longer period of time.


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